Our Underbelly’s Freaky Pretty

As much as Dallas may like to pretend it’s buttoned-down and well-coiffed, that everything is fancy cars on slow overpasses and unscuffed designer cowboy boots, deep down there’s a counterculture, all riled up and progressive. For the past year THRWD Magazine has been wading into that current and scooping up as many interesting things as it can find: comic books, graffiti, photography and music and visual arts galore. There’s even a THRWD podcast now, one episode of which featured artist and editor Sally Glass, one of the personalities profiled in Dallas Observer’s 2013 People Issue. THRWD is publishing its fourth issue, and to celebrate, the crew behind the mag is hosting a party at the Gin Mill, 1921 N. Henderson Ave., at 10 p.m. Thursday. There’ll be live art outside by Arturo Donjuan of Sour Grapes, and music inside by George Quartz. Any party with the words “twerk” and “freak’em dress” in the announcement is worth the attention. For more information, email info@thrwd.com.
Thu., Nov. 21, 2013

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