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Oz: Defying Gravity And Franco

You know what people never get tired of? Oz. I mean the Land of, not that show best known for its portrayals of prison rape. Case in point: This year we got a feature film chock-full of eye candy about L. Frank Baum’s mythical emerald land, and people still flocked to the theater despite its heavy hand of Franco. Now your Facebook page is clogged with updates from folks who are heading to see yet another iteration of the story in Wicked, the blockbuster musical that seems to land in Dallas at least once a year. The production tells the story we all love from the perspective of the witches, beginning with the relationship between good witch Glinda and wicked witch Elphaba — long before that twister carried Dorothy away. The music is soaring and the overall effect of the visuals is magical — making it easy to see why there’s no place like Oz. Blow in for the Wednesday night show at 7:30 in the Music Hall at Fair Park, 909 1st Ave. Tickets for all performances through May 5 are available at for $45 to $180.
May 1-5, 2013


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