Packin' Them In

The "Rat Pack"—a name that Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin and the rest of the gang never actually called themselves—were an enormous influence on a generation of young men whose sense of cool was shaped by the liquor-swilling, poker-playing, broad-banging entertainers. My Papa Salfi, a Caddy-driving New York-born Italian-American who fixed himself a martini every night after work, was one of them. It was through him that I gained an appreciation of Sinatra's music, though Sinatra died before we got a chance to see him live together. The Rat Pack—Live at The Sands, actors and a 15-piece band imitating a 1963 casino engagement, is the next best thing. If I can find someone to imitate my late Papa, I'll be there. Performances are Tuesday through Sunday at The Majestic Theatre, 1925 Elm St. Tickets ($12 to $71) are available at 214-631-ARTS or
March 3-8, 2009

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