Paranoia Factor

Joe Rogan, like many comedians, is a pretty strange cat. On the one hand, he's publicly called out Carlos Mencia and Dane Cook for stealing jokes, which is awesome. On the other hand, he and Doug Stanhope drove The Man Show into the ground almost as soon as they took the reins, so perhaps he should have partaken in some joke-stealing of his own. The former Fear Factor host and NewsRadio cast member is also an avid conspiracy buff who's been known to express his doubts that Americans ever actually landed on the moon, among other things. He can currently be seen doing commentary for Ultimate Fighting Championship, which explains why we haven't seen him in a while. You can catch him live and in person Thursday, Friday and Sunday at the Improv, 4980 Belt Line Road in Addison. Tickets are $25. Call 972-404-8501 or visit
Thu., July 17; Fri., July 18; Sun., July 20, 2008

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