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Pike's Peak

It's not my job to tell you how bad Patrice Pike’s music's my pleasure. After all, it's not her job to suck, either, but she does so voraciously and with pride. For the last decade, Pike has peddled her uniquely generic brand of crappy modern rock to audiences, first with her band Sister 7 and now as a solo artist most famous for her appearance on Rock Star: Supernova, perhaps the lamest show on television since Rock Star: INXS. Pike's newest album, Unraveling, conveniently arrives this month to capitalize on what's left of her Rock Star buzz, and is described as "a mix of Roots Rock, Soul, Ambient Pop Rock and New Generation American Folk"—basically a fancy way of saying "Patrice took 'Bitch' by Meredith Brooks and rewrote it in as many styles as possible." If "Bitch" is your favorite song, then by all means head to the Granada Theater, 3524 Greenville Ave., where Pike takes the stage Friday night along with locals Deadman and Fishing for Comets. Tickets are $12 to $16. Call 214-824-9933 or visit
Fri., Oct. 20


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