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Queen Bitch

Author Rhys Bowen's A Royal Pain falls squarely in the comedy-of-errors tradition of classics like Mrs. Doubtfire, Dave, and uh, King Ralph. It's a book, though. Gotta read it; can't watch it. See, this chick Georgie is the cuz of King George V, slummin' it undercover as a maid in the 1930s under orders from the Queen, who wants Maid Georgie to babysit a precocious princess with a shoplifting habit. Sounds like the making of a box office hit to us. Look for a possible big screen version starring Brittany Murphy or Paris Hilton any day now. It's set in England, though, so I guess you gotta fit Dame Judi Dench in there somewhere. Bowen signs A Royal Pain 7 p.m. Friday at Barnes & Noble, 7700 West Northwest Highway. Call 214-739-1124.
Fri., July 11, 7 p.m., 2008


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