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Quick, Look Animated

Today’s technology has transformed Lou Ferrigno’s Hulk into Mark Ruffalo’s, with its lifelike animation and graphics. It vivified scenes such as Neo fighting Mr. Smith in the courtyard (excluding Reeves’ acting), Ironman flying through an army of Chitauri fleet while beaming down missiles, and gave old man Carl Fredrickson a lift in a flying house in Up. While we grow to expect such values from the industry, they represent the long hours in the studio, created frame by frame. Meet the masterminds behind animation, game development, and computer graphics at 8 a.m. Sunday at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (14315 Midway Road) during Industry Giants, a two-day event of lectures, panels and workshops. Maybe you’ll have a newfound admiration after listening to Academy Award winners Brandon Oldenburg and Ed Jones and attending master classes led by established industry professionals. Tickets cost $20 to $200. Visit
Sun., Oct. 20, 2013


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