Redressing Caesar

As wily as modern politicians are, they’ve got nothing on their classic Roman counterparts. Those guys were as crooked as a barrel of fish hooks, and damned if they didn’t come up with effective ways to overthrow their adversaries. Like, say, including a guy’s best friend in a conspiracy to murder him because they think he’s a wretched dictator. And so goes The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. Thanks to one of the Bard’s greatest sagas, the granddaddy of all back-stabbings is forever etched in our minds and on stages the world over. If you need a refresher on Roman history, you can take in the final act of the fifth season of the Trinity Shakespeare Festival as it presents Julius Caesar at 7:30 p.m. Sunday at the Walsh Center for the Performing Arts, 2800 S. University Drive on the TCU campus in Fort Worth. Julius Caesar runs through June 30. Tickets are $10 to $25. Call 817-257-8080 or visit
Sun., June 16, 2013

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