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Rock It, Man

I would rather wear a barrel

Than conservative apparel

For dress has always been



Music Hall in Fair Park

Opens Tuesday and continues through October 20 with performances at 8 p.m. Tuesdays through Sundays and 2 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. Tickets are $27.50 to $65 from Ticketmaster, 214-373-8000.

My strongest suit

Sir Elton John didn't write these words (the musician lets Tim Rice handle the lyrics). He also didn't sing them, but they may as well be his motto since he's made a career out of his clothing choices during his stage performances. Instead, they're sung by an Egyptian princess during a music number he penned along with his collaborator Rice in the Disney musical Aida.

The collaboration began when Disney--so happy with the duo's hit, "The Circle of Life," from The Lion King--asked them to work together again, but on a Broadway show. They reassembled to create the music for Aida, the story of the Egyptian soldier Radames who is loved by the Egyptian princess, Amneris, and the captured Nubian princess, Aida.

So Sir Elton has moved into show tunes, and for Disney no less. Keg-side music critics everywhere will surely have a field day, but we say all the more perfect. Sir Elton's stage persona has always been somewhat cartoonish. And, looking back on the career of the man who once sang "The Bitch is Back," perhaps it's obvious that show tunes may have been his calling all along.

Besides, it seems an appropriate move since no one can keep rocking convincingly forever. Plus, soundtracks seem like a good way to remain with integrity intact and productive without being ridiculous. Integrity? Not ridiculous? We almost forgot this is the man who appeared in front of thousands in New York's Central Park singing "Crocodile Rock" in a Donald Duck costume.


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