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Rock The Asphalt

Chalk up another one for the "you can't judge a book by its cover" crowd. Here I was, all stoked for Journeys Backyard BBQ, planning for an afternoon of yummy barbecue ribs and some "Don't Stop Believin'" sing-alongs in a park somewhere, but once again it seems as though they pulled the wool over my eyes. First off, it's in a parking lot (the north parking lot of Grapevine Mills Mall to be exact), not a yard. And, from what I remember, that parking lot doesn't have any grills, so I'm assuming it'll be pretty barbecue-free, and if that's not enough trickery for you, Journey isn't going to be there. But all of that's OK, because instead of '80s hits and yummy pork products, you'll be in for an afternoon of live music and demos from the Etnies skate, BMX and moto teams, including appearances by Ryan Sheckler, Joe Rich and local boy Morgan Wade. The day's fun starts at noon on Saturday, ending with a live performance by Aiden. Tickets are free. Find the full schedule of events at
Sat., May 10, 2008


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