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Run In Spite Of The Rock

When a recreational runner tackles a 5K “fun run,” it’s the overly cheery providers of false encouragement wielding cups of water that the runners end up wanting to physically tackle. If runners didn’t need the water, those fake-happy hand-clappers would get leveled. If they want everyone to do so great in the run, why aren’t they running? If you wish volunteer water distributors harm, then you’ll need to make sure your meds are increased before running the increasingly popular Rock and Roll Dallas Half Marathon. With live bands playing just about every mile during the morning race, your iPod playlist will be useless. After you’ve survived the gantlet of bands playing “Eye of the Tiger” or “Go Your Own Way,” you’ll be forced to party with a dude that lost American Idol (James Durbin) afterward. For information regarding the run, post-race concert and more, visit
Sun., March 25, 2012


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