Sesame Street Live: Elmo Makes Music

My toddler doesn’t know who Elmo is. That isn’t because we’ve taken a holier-than-though stance on TV viewing, but rather because we are selfishly holding out as long as possible to avoid the influx of the high-pitched red devil into our tidy little home. Red isn’t really compatible with my décor, you see—and who I am kidding? I can’t bear that fuzzy, crimson anthromorph. And so, we have an 18-month-old who will point out Peter Ustinov from a guest appearance on The Muppet Show before she identifies Elmo. But I’m not fooling myself…I know that soon, I will be clamoring for tickets to events just like Sesame Street Live: Elmo Makes Music. The New Pornographers station on Pandora will no longer hold her attention, and we’ll be forced—just like you—to Grand Prairie’s Verizon Theater, 1001 Performance Place, in the name of pre-show Play Zones and the dulcet tones of Elmo’s singing voice. Elmo Makes Music will commence on Thursday, March 1 at 6 p.m., and plays daily through Sunday, March 4. Tickets cost $12-$35. Visit Godspeed to those of you hitting that link; we’ll be seeing you soon enough.
Sun., March 4, 2012


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