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Shake & Steak & Bake

Do you like to think of Jesus as a mischievous badger? Do you like to shake and bake? Is laughing at French people a real good time? Do you think "diablo" is Spanish for "fighting chicken?" If you love Talladega Nights like Kate Gosselin loves stupid hair and paparazzi, imagine how much more you could love watching it with a bunch of drunks at the Sunday Sunset Movie Series at Central 214. At dusk (around 9 p.m.) Sunday, watch Talladega Nights out on the courtyard patio of Central 214 at Hotel Palomar, 680 North Central Expressway near Mockingbird Lane. Entry to this Sunday Sunset Movie Series is free and Central 214 says they'll be offering a "special value-priced late night menu and great drink specials." But, make sure you set your expectations accordingly: Central 214 serves entrees like chicken fried kobe steak, grilled halibut with artichoke caper compote and pan-seared snapper that normally set you back at least $20 a pop, so "value-priced" could still equal "more expensive than a hot dog and a Big Gulp." Here's hoping they're offering their "double-boned pork chop" at a more reasonable, just-an-HJ price. The event is free. Call 214-443-9339 or visit
Sun., Sept. 26, 9 p.m., 2010


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