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Shape Shifters

The Pilobolus dance troupe is "the dance world's equivalent of a summer movie blockbuster," according to a press release about the group's upcoming performance at the Eisemann Center. The creepy, bulging codpieces worn by male ballet dancers will surely be upset by this claim. Historically, the coveted "dance world equivalent of a summer movie blockbuster" title, or DWEOASMB, goes to that which people are embarrassed to admit they want to see but are unable to stop themselves from looking at. And Pilobolus just doesn't fall into that category, at least not the way creepy codpieces do. After all, the seven-person Pilobolus troupe was featured on the Academy Awards performing their signature weight-sharing technique, creating unique shapes by seemingly melding their bodies to one another. You might be unable to stop yourself from looking, but you wouldn't have to be embarrassed because the sheer awesomeness of Pilobolus is undeniable. So relinquish your DWEOASMB title, Pilobolus, and give it back to its rightful owners, the creepy codpieces. Dance fans who have yet to take a stance on this divisive issue can see Pilobolus for themselves this Saturday at the Eisemann Center, 2351 Performance Drive in Richardson. The show is at 8 p.m. and tickets are $28 to $58. Visit
Sat., Feb. 9, 8 p.m., 2008


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