Show Us Your Pups

Nice puppies! Lodge dancers do their best to help the critters of Operation Kindness.
Rusty Tarver

No pun intended, but the Lodge is one of the most well-rounded gentlemen's clubs in Dallas. Not only is the club clean and comfy, but, as a woman, it's the classiest joint we've visited where scantily clad lasses are the main attraction. And we don't use "classy" to describe only the club. Owner Dawn Rizos and those in her employ don't just work up a sweat for good profit, but for good nonprofit, too.

For the second year, the Lodge ladies are hosting one helluva benefit. And, yes, it's a family affair, from adults to kiddos right down to the pets. With 100 percent of the proceeds going to the no-kill animal shelter Operation Kindness, the pole-spinning starlets will wash a car (tops on) and welcome donors to a steak dinner at the bikini barbecue for a $20 tax-deductible donation. After last year's grand total of $20,000, Rizos and clan are looking to raise the amount going to the shelter, which provides for as many as 200 dogs and cats at a time. Plus, funds are needed for 75 pets in need of foster homes.

It's a serious cause, but the Dog Days of Summer event isn't all somber. Along with steak and suds, the club is setting up a serious party in the parking lot, complete with tents, misting machines, DJs, smoked meat and, of course, free stuff. In fact, to prove its appreciation for humor (and resentment of censorship), the Lodge will give each contributor a "Free Howard Stern" T-shirt. And hey, the bikini-clad aren't really our thing, but supporting free speech and four-legged friends is.


The Lodge, 10530 Spangler Road, hosts the second annual fund-raiser benefiting Operation Kindness on Saturday from noon to 7 p.m. A $20 donation entitles patrons to the car wash, steak dinner and other family-oriented festivities. Call 972-506-9229.

Since this benefit is for the critters and the people of all ages who support them, no activities are held inside the club. Inside the offices, however, a mystical experience awaits. Rizos says last year's pet psychic was so popular that this year's event will feature three of them offering free readings for the furry. Not only will sedans and stomachs be pampered, even pets can come away "spiritually balanced."

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Rizos conceded that the car wash might not be the best (bet it's a better job than we'd do) because of the number of cars that show and the effort to get them all through. But seriously, anybody out there washing cars on a July afternoon for charity deserves kudos even if some hubcaps show streaks. And we're sure Operation Kindness doesn't mind if the ladies have a little fun while washing. (Caveat: Girls, mind your hoses while we're present. We do not look like you. Think "soft and pale" and aim away from the reporter. Many thanks.)

Now if we had to report for outdoor duty in the Texas heat, we'd bitch and moan unless we were supremely into the cause. But Rizos says that the Lodgettes are game for the task and gung-ho to help dogs and cats. "The Lodge is a strong believer in giving back to the community and has no patience for people who support the killing of puppies and drive dirty cars," she says. We agree, Dawn, but we were also thinking that such people could be sentenced to a pelting with Lucite platforms. Promise you'll consider it?

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