Six Inches Forward. Five Inches Back.

There’s a lot of crap currently filling the Dallas calendar. It’s the cursed seasonal smorgasbord of tinsel, reindeer and razzelberry waterfalls that leaves you ripe to vomit figgy pudding. But don’t. Seriously. Hang in there because The End Theater Productions is bringing you the hottest transgendered product ever to escape East Germany, Hedwig and the Angry Inch. You’ve forgotten how great that off-Broadway-to-big screen production actually is, but m-aaa—n, does it hold up. Lines like “Kurt Cobain everybody, now that guy’s got a helluva future” bleed right into the groove-rich, heartfelt slow jam “Wicked Little Town.” It’s a simply perfect show and a deviant reprieve from the typical holiday slush. See it at Bath House Cultural Center (521 E. Lawther Drive) on December 20 and 21, then again on December 27 and 28. All shows start at 8 p.m. and tickets cost $20. So put on some makeup, turn on the tape deck and put the wig back on your head. Then visit for tickets.
Dec. 20-21; Dec. 27-28, 2013


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