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SK8 4 Zero

It's their birthday, but they're giving out the gifts. When Eisenbergs Skatepark in Plano turns 6 this week, the folks in charge are celebrating with a whole day of free skating plus 20 percent off all items at the pro shop. Also, for the month of July, the park offers one free session a day. By providing a safe place to hang out and be active, Eisenbergs has fast become a popular place for kids. Not only does the park provide fun activities that keep kids active, but it also rewards kids for academic achievement with the Skate for Grades program. All A's on a report card earn up to two free sessions of skating. Of course, all activities require a waiver, which warns of the potential for permanent paralysis and death, but it doesn't seem to scare too many people away. Besides the wireless Internet access on site, our favorite part is the Pro Course, which looks like it was taken straight from the Tony Hawk skating game. We can only imagine what that will look like when you add the crowds of people lured by free admission. Eisenbergs Skatepark, 930 E. 15th St., Plano. Call 972-509-7725. --David Wilson

It's a Whopper

How much does it cost to build a place for God? Eighteen million dollars, apparently. The Heights Baptist Church will finish its worship complex in April 2004, but until then, enroll your child in the Fish Tales Music Camp. The music is upbeat and filled with a wide range of styles. Classes will be held daily from 9 a.m. through 12:30 p.m. from July 21 through July 25 with a final performance July 27. The fee is $45, and the camp is open to children who have completed kindergarten through sixth grade. Parents can stop by the church for registration at 201 W. Renner Road in Richardson or call 972-238-7243. Registration is also available online at --Desirée Henry

Planet of Sound

Disappointment is a bitch. I got all decked out and ready to party, armed with a tight-fitting shirt, killer dance moves and a big pink satchel full of water bottles and glow sticks, but then I found out that this week's Trip to Planet X is largely misleading. No, the Science Place hasn't turned into a strobe light-filled dance party, but the museum's exhibit does offer otherworldly entertainment and education of the legal variety. Ravers of all ages are invited to this hands-on celebration of planetary study, where they can look through spacey-colored spectroscopes, make UV-reactive bracelets and play with a variety of space rocks. No, not those kinds of rocks. We told you this was legal. Take a trip to Planet X on Saturday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. for free with admission to the Science Place, located in Fair Park at 1318 Second Ave. Call 214-428-5555 or check, and remember, always stay hydrated. --Sam Machkovech


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