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So You Think You'll Go?

Since Mark Cuban was voted off Dancing With the Stars, my love for televised ballroom dancing has waned ever so slightly. Sure, I appreciate a good foxtrot just as much as the next viewer, but—wait, what am I saying? People watch Dancing With the Stars not for dancing (save a few exceptions) but to see celebs twist ankles, fall down and, God willing, have a boob slip out of their sequins on live TV. But, do we really care to watch if they’re not famous? This human interest study could have interesting results come time for the So You Think You Can Dance Tour Monday at Nokia Theatre at Grand Prairie. See, the top 10 finalists from the show will dances their asses off for the general public with nary a commercial, voting cue or TiVo "boop boop." Someone out there voted for them, but who will pay to see them live? Find out for just $37.50, $47.50 or $54.50 (plus parking). Call 214-373-8000 or visit
Mon., Nov. 12, 2007


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