Soak Up Billabong’s Fall Line

Dallas doesn’t mind getting messy when it comes to fashion. Or wet, for that matter. One of the most interesting new spins on traditional runway happens Saturday at Wakestyle, a fashion show that tests not only the new line by Billabong, but also the surface tension of water itself. Its description reads like a Project Runway challenge, with models presenting the aquatic sportswear’s fall line on floating runways. Not dangerous enough? Okay, let’s add this: Hydrous’ professional wakeboarders will launch their best tricks all around the catwalk, catching air while the men and woman of Billabong maintain their best pouty faces. I’ve seen seasoned models fall without reasonable obstacles, so this show is one that nobody should miss. It’s happening at Hydrous Wake Park, that cool cable-system wake park in Allen. If you want to catch a little air and water unity, go early: The park will be open all day long. Also, the event is sponsored by VitaminWater, so hydration is covered. This totally free event runs from 6 to 9 p.m. at Hydrous Wake Park (580 N. Cedar Drive, Allen) Visit
Sat., Sept. 15, 2012

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