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As of April, scientists have catalogued 453 exoplanets--that is, planets outside of our solar system. Of course, many of these planets could never support life as we know it. But as the science of astronomy progresses, it's likely only a matter of time before we discover habitable planets. And with that tantalizing thought, thousands of professional and amateur astronomers peer through telescopes all over the world every night and ponder, "Are we alone?" Join the Fort Worth Astronomical Society to peer and ponder at Saturday's Star Party in the parking lot of the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, at the corner of Montgomery and Harley. No equipment is required except a curious mind. The party begins at dusk and is free to the public. Call 817-255-9300 for more info and visit to read star party etiquette tips.
Sat., March 27; Sat., April 24; Sat., May 22; Sat., June 19; Sat., July 17; Sat., Aug. 14; Sat., Sept. 18, 2010


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