'Spoon Man

Online bios of comedian John Witherspoon tell me what makes him "so captivating" and how he makes the audience care about his characters. Now, for the record, I didn't really care about his character, Mr. Jones, in Friday—he was just damn funny. And he's probably the best thing about "film classic" Soul Plane (yeah, I saw it). Give him props for sticking to what he does best. He's the real deal and not some comedian getting all serious on us a la Bill Murray. After all, who else can launch a greeting-card line with tags such as "My BBQ taste so good...makes you wanna slap your mama!!" Witherspoon performs at the Addison Improv, 4980 Belt Line Road, Thursday through Sunday. Call 972-404-8501 or visit improvclubs.com.
March 2-5

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