State Fry of Texas

Fried butter seems to be weighing heavily on the minds of all of my Facebook friends. Ever since the State Fair of Texas announced their annual "Food That Will Kill You" lineup featuring the aforementioned fried dairy abomination, I've seen something about it every day via status update or wall post. Everyone I know is super-excited about the artery punch that is deep-fried flavored butter, and it makes me wonder if it's really hopeless to champion health care reform when so much of our local citizenry is abuzz about what has to be the unhealthiest snack ever conceived. But then again, it is the State Fair of Texas, and hell--if you can't eat a bunch of stomach-churning, greasy snack concoctions, what's the point? The yearly event is a fiesta of awesomely bad food, fashion disasters from all corners of the state, and rides that will leave you reeling. And with cooler weather in sight, there's no better way to spend a day than with a slab of fried butter, a corny dog and a cold beer while you navigate the Midway. The State Fair of Texas is, naturally, at Fair Park in Dallas and will be open daily from Friday through October 18. Tickets are $11 for kids less than 4 feet tall, $15 for general admission and free for children younger than 2. For more information, visit
Sept. 25-Oct. 18, 10 a.m., 2009

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