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When I worked at the SPCA in college, I cared for a puppy that looked exactly like Falkor, that flying dog-dragon thing from The NeverEnding Story. And at first I was scared, because although this puppy was incredibly cute and went by the name of Snowball, I was absolutely terrified of Falkor when I saw the movie as a kid. I know he was supposed to be a good guy, but he was like a cross between a dog and a Chinese dragon costume, and that was just too much for my little kindergarten mind to handle. Unlike some of you Fantasia lovers who dreamed of riding Falkor into the sunset, I lay awake at night wondering if a giant dog-dragon was going to crash through my window and eat me. Anyway, as it turned out, Snowball the puppy didn't fly, and he was the size of a toaster, so he was all right. But for those of you who happen to love Falkor, by all means, head to the Inwood Theatre at midnight Friday or Saturday and watch The NeverEnding Story. Call 214-764-9106 or visit
Sat., June 16, midnight; Sun., June 17, midnight

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