Stuffed and Mounted

I can't aim a gun for the life of me—I always sucked at Duck Hunt. I can say with certainty that I would never make a good hunter (besides, I don't want to shoot animals, anyway, but that's one girl's opinion). But the way I figure it, if someone's going to hunt, they should hunt. And they shouldn't waste time on the small stuff like Bambi's mom either; they need to go for the big game. All's fair in a game of hunter versus grizzly if you ask me. If you want to check out what game hunters bring home, head to Cabela's in Fort Worth, 12901 Cabela Drive, from now until June 23, when the Boone and Crockett Club's 26th Big Game Awards celebration will be going down. Over 100 of the biggest big-game trophies will be on display, including the third-largest black bear, Tule elk and musk oxen. Admission to the trophy display is free to the public during store hours. Call 817-337-2400 or visit
May 1-June 23

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