Take a Hike

Last Dance, 2002
Joe Ramiro Garcia


Onlookers from galaxies far, far away could easily dub our Mother Earth the "Land of Accessibility." No, that's not some title of a moral-inducing realm buried within the pits of Dante's Inferno. It's our reality. With a flip of a mobile phone stuffed with a cornucopia of ring tones or a few keywords typed into Google, it's easier to track people down than it is to get an engagement band on J. Lo's ring finger. But art is one thing that has so far managed to escape "easily accessible" status. On Saturday, the Dallas Art Dealers Association presents its annual Winter Gallery Walk when more than 30 member galleries will open their doors to a day of exploring. And Maloree Banks, co-owner of Banks Fine Art LLC, wants art's misunderstood stigma to be squashed. "That's what the walk is about," she says. "Making the art accessible. People should not be intimidated." Armed with trusty maps, which can be downloaded at www.dallasartdealers.org, art followers of every level can roam this free event from noon to 8 p.m. and peruse galleries across the city. From the quirky world of Gary Panter (head set designer of Pee-wee's Playhouse) to 18th-century oil paintings, there's something for everyone. Call 214-682-0602 or visit www.dallasartdealers.org. --Jenice Johnson

Get Gone

Admit it. After you pick up the Dallas Observer each week you look over your shoulder to make sure nobody's watching, then you grab a copy of PaperCity, slyly hiding that glossy rag inside this paper's pulpier pages. Not that there's anything to actually read in PaperCity, but you love to peruse those society snapshots to see which movers and fakers are sipping martinis at the hoity-toity joints. Here's your chance to hang with the society crowd without renting a tux. The Gone to Texas gala benefits Old City Park and features a Jerry Jeff Walker concert. You still have to shovel out a lot of cash to attend, but maybe you and co-chair Kay Bailey Hutchison will get snapped for PaperCity together. It takes place Saturday at 7 p.m. at Eddie Deen's Ranch, 944 S. Lamar St. Tickets are $150 to $500. Call 214-413-3662. --Jay Webb

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