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Take A Shower, It's Easter

A holy glow surrounds Sunday brunch. Serving double duty as hungover confessional and communion, we use the meal to fill in life’s little blackouts. But on Easter Sunday, that changes. We withhold the full flow of our gab and break from our posses to dine out with our families. Since they view you as worldly for being young and living in a proper city, booking a reservation will be your task. Here are two ways to tackle that. Cafe Modern’s (3200 Darnell St., Fort Worth) view overlooks the museum’s stunning reflection pool while its menu targets sustainable ingredients that are arranged deliciously. What that means for you: Your mother will blissfully rave about the loveliness of the room while your father grunts in agreement and sucks down eggs Benedict. You win the good kid award, doubly so if you shell for museum admission after. (Pro tip: When your family looks at art, they don’t ask you about your dating life.) Make a reservation by calling 817-738-9215. If the parents are paying, just book that table at Fearing’s (2121 McKinney Ave.). The Ritz-Carlton staple cock-blocks your mother’s questions about the one false eyelash you’re still wearing from last night with a three-course, Texas-inspired, good old-fashioned gorging. From chicken-fried quail to almond French toast with vanilla bean crème Anglaise starters, to main dig-ins like pan-roasted Nova Scotia halibut and Maine lobster crêpe on English pea/basil purée with orange verjus and crispy fennel, your father will choke on a jumbo prawn before considering why your bra is on backwards. It’s gluttony’s version of smoke and mirrors, and it costs $75 a head for adults. Call 214-922-4848 to book it.
Sun., March 31, 2013


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