Take It Easy

Five Easy Pieces is one of those polarizing films that cinephiles love to discuss while regular moviegoers are left wondering why they wasted an hour and a half of their lives watching the damn thing (if they even bother to finish it at all). Jack Nicholson plays an oil rig worker who gave up a promising career as a concert pianist and left his family for a miserable oil field existence. The subtle nuances of his character, who rarely speaks, are what make the film snobs go ape. For the rest of the audience, there's a funny scene in the middle where he tells a couple of feminist hitchhikers to shut the hell up. But if you think Nicholson's a crotchety old man who gets nominated for Oscars for playing crotchety old men, then Five Easy Pieces won't do anything to change your mind—and this was back when he was still young. The film is also notable for starring Karen Black during that nanosecond when she was considered a real actress. Five Easy Pieces screens at midnight Friday and Saturday at the Inwood Theatre, 5458 W. Lovers Lane. Tickets are $8. Call 214-764-9106 or visit landmarktheatres.com.
Oct. 6-7

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