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People often ask what makes Dallas so special. New York is a bastion of culture and art, Los Angeles is awash in glitz and beautiful people, and Chicago is a stomping grounds for culinary innovation. People here point to the shopping. That's right -- we've got great shopping. If that wasn't something you could do on the Internet, I'd think that was a valid point, but honestly, I don't buy it. I think Dallas has way more to offer than what NorthPark contains. We've got an emerging film festival scene, museums that are bringing in world-renowned exhibits, and any number of restaurants to keep visitors delighted and locals out of their home kitchens. The annual Taste of Dallas event, held in the West End, seeks to celebrate the latter...and celebrate they do. Restaurants from across the Metroplex set up shop and offer samples to hungry and adventurous patrons. Food ranges from ice cream to Thai cuisine to Mexican to hearty American standbys. Participating eateries range from familiar chain fare to locally-owned cafés. Musical acts such as Soul Asylum, Edwin McCain and Little Texas will provide the soundtrack to all the gastro goings-on, and parents will find plenty of activities to burn off all the calories ingested by their little ones. There is no admission price, but bring cash -- the samples run from $2 to $5 and credit cards are a no-go. Taste of Dallas runs Friday through Sunday. Visit for more information.
July 11-13, 2008


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