Ten Artists, One Roof: A Lazy Grazer's Paradise

If you don't want to wind sprint around town to visually carb up tonight, just park it over at 500X Gallery. Its newest exhibition is told clubhouse-style by the combined efforts of ten local artists. Start downstairs in the main gallery where works by Scott M. Hilton and Michael Francis hold court. Explore the overlapping nature of tactile elements and prose in Hilton's photo series “On The Nature Of Things.” Pivot, and run your mental Swiffer through Michael Francis' “Mini Retrospective 2002-2012.” It is here in this series of oils that you discover that memory is just a dusty pastel of flickering images that we recreate as desired. But how long does that snapshot stay in tact before it fades away, one particle at a time? Like a time-bleached photograph or a book turned brittle, this collection explores the beauty that exists when the original article is no longer identifiable as its previous incarnation. Clamor up the stairs at 500X and see John Nicholas Hutchings and Laura Doughtie's dual effort on boundary exploration in “(...).” Then creep into the Project Spaces to examine a joint effort JFK series called “Ride Johnny, Ride” and “Homo Sapiens Saturniidea,” a collaborative on human consciousness. It's all free. 500X is located at 500 Exposition Avenue.
Sat., March 10, 2012


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