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That's A Wrap, Canvas

So, you’re between hits. With DIFF cut and wrapped and USA Film Festival another week away, your mind sees the world around you as a movie. If you’re Dallas-to-New York artist Keri Oldham, that isn’t a cinematic hangover, it’s everyday living. Her watercolor world embodies themes, compositions and event title fonts from her favorite films and uses them to express this 3-D space she occupies on the daily. This former CentralTrak-er has a new show opening from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Saturday in the Main Gallery at Kirk Hopper (3008 Commerce St.), called Space For All Endings. She has company in the side galleries by Roger Winter’s collages and portraits in the noted space, and the bizarre fabric clown sculpture art of Eduardo Portillo outside, in the show Allegory of Humor. You’d be crazy not to hop a couple streets over and take in the new show at The Public Trust the same evening. Gibbs’ gallery breaks open the spring cascarones with a new show by Jacobine van der Meer, called Of Twark and Trubble, featuring ‘The Perfidious Petards.’ It’s a short walk to 2919 Commerce St., so check it out. Visit
Sat., April 20, 2013


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