The Battle of the Bulge

"And you call yourself a Bowie fan?!" This was the reaction I received when it was brought to public attention (and by "public," I mean a staff lunch) that I had never seen the 1986 children's fantasy film Labyrinth. Having now seen it, I frankly don't feel "children's" is an appropriate categorization (perhaps "fantasy" on its own is more fitting) as the gigantic, Lycra-enshrouded unit Bowie sports as Jareth is, in fact, borderline pornographic (more like "pants, magic pants" if you know what I'm saying). Speaking of pornographic, the Belmont Hotel is featuring Labyrinth as part of its B-Reel at the Belmont movie series...and this time there's a pajama party theme and a drawing for a night's stay. OK, so maybe there's nothing truly pornographic about that, but pajamas in public, a hotel bar and Bowie's beefstick all sort of lean toward vulgar possibilities. The bar is cash only, and the flick begins at sundown. Head to 901 Fort Worth Ave. Call 1-877-476-3378 or visit
Tue., May 1

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