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Of the eight films featured in the 11th Annual Jewish Film Festival of Dallas, not one of them involves Woody Allen, and thank God for that. No two-hour examinations of middle-aged male neuroses here. Instead, the series, which runs through September 25, features some of the best Jewish-themed comedies, documentaries and dramatic films of the part few years, all of which examine the complexities of the culture, the ties that bind the Jewish community and the struggle for many to maintain their sense of identity in a society where values no longer mirror traditional ideals. Out of Faith, a documentary film, expands on that theme, exploring how two Auschwitz survivors struggle to accept grandchildren who marry out of the faith. Checking Out (David Paymer, Judge Reinhold and Peter Falk) takes the comic route through guilt and dinner and on to family forgiveness. Based on real experiences, Nina's Home (Le Maison de Nina) tackles—with hope intact—life in a French orphanage for World War II orphans and concentration camp survivors. Visit for information about tickets, showtimes and dates and other film presentations during the festival.
Sept. 19-25, 2007


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