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The Cows Come Home

Roughly eight years ago a group of 15 longhorns from ranches all over Texas was herded by modern cowboys through Fort Worth, from Sundance Square all the way to the northside Stockyards. Photographers documented the event—The Last Great Cattle Drive of the 20th Century—and the result is a portfolio of photographs presented by Fort Worth Public Art, now on display at the Fort Worth Public Library, 500 W. 3rd St. In addition to the pictures the exhibit features models of upcoming projects on the northside of Fort Worth, including the vaquero sculpture, which will commemorate the contributions of Mexican cowboys to Texas' cattle industry. The exhibit runs through February 22 at the Fort Worth Central Library, with a reception on February 1 from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Visit
Feb. 1-22


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