The Hunt for Red Octopus' Garden

By 1968, The Beatles had migrated from the realm of just being the "greatest rock 'n' roll band of all time" to the pantheon of modern day gods. They managed to become more and more popular every year despite the fact they hadn't even played live since 1966. The progression from Rubber Soul to Revolver through Sgt. Pepper showed the world that this was no ordinary band. Music would never be the same and several musicians probably contemplated suicide after hearing Sgt. Pepper for the first time. Being an insulated studio band did carry some baggage, however. When you are allowed to do whatever you want in a studio with one of the greatest producers in the world and unlimited funds at your disposal, there can be an occasional bit of self-indulgence (see Magical Mystery Tour for a good example). The Beatles 1968 psychedelic animated acid-fest Yellow Submarine, while a tad over the top, is still an extremely enjoyable feast for the senses. Featuring six great Beatles tunes and Peter Max-inspired swirling animation, this film is great harmless fun and essential viewing for any Beatles fan or anybody who has ever taken acid. Come swim the depths 8:30 p.m. Wednesday at The Allgood Café's Rock 'n' Reel Wednesdays film night. A $5 donation benefits the Video Association of Dallas. Visit for details.
Wed., July 18, 8:30 p.m.

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