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The Keys to Peace

John Lennon's dream for mankind lies buried in New York City's Strawberry Fields. Buried, but not dead. The spirit of his campaign for world peace—represented there by the mosaic "Imagine"—has taken root in the hearts of millions of fans who have passed through the 2.5-acre Garden of Peace since its dedication in 1981, a year after the artist's murder. Lennon was many things: the "rascal Beatle," a dreamer and a revolutionary. He was the man who asked us to "give peace a chance." We haven't attained world peace by any stretch, but each new generation gains hope through the power of his words. Tuesday through January 13, the Goss Gallery, 2500 Cedar Springs Road, hosts the upright Steinway on which Lennon wrote “Imagine” in 1970, as well as the war photography of Don McCullin, Gabriele Basilico and Tomas Munita. Call 214-696-0555 or visit
Dec. 5-Jan. 13


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