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Kid Rock


Of the two living Williamses--Hank Williams Jr. and Hank Williams III--it's interesting that Kid Rock chose to tour with Hank Jr. this summer. Oh, sure, Kid Rock admired Junior's music as a kid, and years later, as a rock star, he befriended the old man. But in age and especially in temperament, it is Hank 3 who's Kid Rock's musical equivalent. When Rock was recording Devil Without a Cause and Cocky, Hank 3 was writing "Cocaine" and "I Put the Dick in Dixie and the Cunt in Country" (which his label later refused to record). Rock has spent his career wrestling the incompatible genres of rap, metal and country into his own brand of music. Hank 3's wrestled, too: Before he was a Nashville outlaw, he was in a punk band. And both have this weird affinity for rednecks: Kid Rock never met one he didn't like, and Hank 3 loves the music of Hasil Adkins and Adkins himself "for out-drinking, out-fucking, out-fighting anyone and for being a total white-trash alcoholic motherfucker who dedicates his music to every state prison he's ever been in," he told GQ a few years back. But, alas, age and temperament do not equal record sales and sold-out arenas. So it is Hank Jr. whom Dallas gets July 24 at the Smirnoff Music Centre, 1818 First Ave. Hank Jr. will take the stage with Kid Rock and remind us why he drinks and why he smokes and why--perhaps--he loves Monday night. In a way, it makes sense that it's Junior. After all, what is Kid Rock now? A poor man's Beastie Boy? A Bob Seger wannabe? And what has Hank Jr. ever been? A rockabilly legend? A pawn to his daddy's fame? The show's at 7:30 p.m. Tickets start at $29.50. Call 214-421-1111. --Paul Kix

Curtain Calls

At the theater, the words "lights, camera, action" are usually preferable to "get away from my man," "the spotlights don't work" and "who stole my wig?" But sometimes, the action behind the scenes of a production is as compelling as the production itself. This is the premise behind Noises Off, a play within a play that follows a small theater company as it prepares for and performs a comedy show. Noises Off is at 7:30 p.m. Wednesdays and Thursdays, 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays and 2 p.m. Sundays from July 22 through August 15 at WaterTower Theatre, Addison Theatre Centre, 15650 Addison Road. Tickets are $15 to $28. Call 972-450-6232 or visit --Stephanie Durham

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Hard-Knock Life

Every birthday we cross our fingers and hope that this will be the year someone hires the fancy fireworks to write our name in the night sky, à la the final scene from the movie Annie. It never happens, and we realize that Annie gave us a lot of little girl dreams that were never fulfilled--living with a billionaire, having a movie theater all to ourselves, being rescued in the nick of time by an Indian mystic. And now Casa Mañana wants to remind us of all we're lacking with the stage version of Annie, produced in cooperation with Starlight Theatre in Kansas City, Missouri. The musical runs through July 25 at Bass Performance Hall, 525 Commerce St., Fort Worth. Tickets are $25 to $73. Call 817-212-4280. --Michelle Martinez

Bunch of Dummies
Jeff Dunham and fuzzy friends take over

Although there may be no better case for the resurgence of comic ventriloquism than Late Night With Conan O'Brien's Triumph the Insult Comic Dog skewering excited Star Wars geeks outside an Episode Two premiere ("I'll give you a will die alone"), Jeff Dunham's weekend stand at the Addison Improv (Thursday through Sunday) might run a close second. Dunham and his lineup of little friends--Peanut, Walter and Jose Jalapeno...on a stick--can be seen regularly on Comedy Central. And he even finished a week on Hollywood Squares recently. Is Whoopi Goldberg still the center square, by the way? File that as Bad Idea No. 2 after "Ted Danson" for Whoopi. Anyway, Dunham is a veteran of the circuit, and he takes his craft seriously in order to make sure everyone who comes out has a good time...and that's what it's all about. The Addison Improv is at 4980 Belt Line Road. Call 972-404-8501 for $20 tickets. --Matt Hursh

Raising the Barrio
A comedy state of the union

The Austin American-Statesman has called them "multicultural masters of Hispanic humor," and the Austin Chronicle has said they are a "well-oiled machine of merriment," but they describe themselves a little more succinctly: "bad" and "brown." They're Austin's Latino Comedy Project, and Cara Mia Theatre Company is bringing the troupe's new show, State of the Barrio, to Dallas. Since 1998, LCP has delighted audiences with a mix of satire and parody that has pleased critics as well. And these new skits promise more of the same, revealing "just how farcical Latino life can be." Gringos welcome, too. State of the Barrio: Sketch Comedy by the Latino Comedy Project will be presented at 8:15 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, July 23 through July 31, at the Latino Cultural Center, 2600 Live Oak St. Tickets are $15. Call 214-946-9499. --Rhonda Reinhart

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