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The Layered Look

One thing for sure, artist Sarah Maxwell English's grandmother had way cooler taste than my grandma. For a joint exhibit with fellow Dallas artist Jennifer Gassiraro Nguyen at Magnolia Gallery, Maxwell says she is "layering fabric from my grandmothers home and my own home, thinking about how I define what is familiar, recognizable vs. abstract, through patterns we live with." Huh. The patterns my grandmother lived with were paisley, cheap ornate candy dishes and striped furniture saturated with a healthy dose of OPF, or old people funk—definitely not the stuff of art. Both Maxwell's and Nguyen's works at the gallery's Subdivisions show integrate fabrics to explore the intersection between art and decorative design. The exhibit continues through October 30 at the gallery, located inside The Magnolia Theatre in the West Village, 3699 McKinney Ave. Call 214-764-9106.
Oct. 18-30, 2007


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