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The W. Stands For Wicked

Michael W. Smith is the George Michael of the contemporary Christian music scene. Well, maybe he's more like the Phil Collins, but without the drums and the baldness. Nevertheless, he is a Christian rock god (no pun intended). His concerts are jam packed with holy rolling fans that would totally follow Smith through the desert if it was still 2 B.C. Thirteen million records sold, 29 No. 1 songs and three Grammys are pretty impressive for a Christian rock artist. I'd like to see My Chemical Romance pull that off. Fans of Smith are totally committed to basking in the worship that he spreads around the venues like God's own peanut butter, and countless numbers of them would gladly wash his feet with their hair. I guess this is the Christian rock equivalent of "groupie action"; it seems extremely unlikely that Smith goes for the Led Zepplin style of groupie high jinks. After all, the man is married with a gaggle of kids. Also, Mikey is fast friends with George H.W. Bush and the "pope of pop," Bono. It's a crazy industry, and Michael W. Smith is riding high and praising the Lord with a vengeance. Catch him at 7:30 p.m. Monday and Tuesday as he performs his only U.S. Christmas shows of 2009 with the DSO at the Meyerson, 2301 Flora St. Tickets are $38 to $95. Visit for more information.
Mon., Nov. 30; Tue., Dec. 1, 2009


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