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The Wrong Way

I'm not gonna lie to you. I've hated Sublime for a decade now. Hated them ever since high school, when a bunch of my friends would go around singing that song about hand jobs. You know the one—"And then she pulled out my mushroom tip/Goin' over it just went drip, drip, drip/I didn't know she had the GI Joe Kung Fu Grip/And it went uhhh." And then there's that one about staring at tits. I also hate mellow white-boy reggae jams (I've got my eye on you, Jack Johnson), so "Santeria," despite being their most tolerable number, still makes me want to stick pencils in my ears and drink Zima. But if you really hate me, and you have affinity for drunken frat boys in hemp-and-puka shell necklaces, by all means head to the House of Blows (2200 N. Lamar St.) Saturday and check out Badfish, a Sublime tribute band from Providence, Rhode Island. Yes, Providence. I think that pretty much speaks for itself. Tickets are $11.50. Call 214-978-BLUE or visit
Sat., June 2


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