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They're On A Roll

Be prepared to watch elbows and knees fly as Trigger Mortis, Smack the Ripper, and the rest of the Lone Star Assassins take on Gloria Vanderbitch, Amelia Airhead and their Bombshell Brigade cohorts. It might sound like a video game, but this is Assassination City Roller Derby, where broken arms and shattered tibiae are as common as paper cuts in your office. This isn't your elementary school skating party. Skaters score points by completing laps around members of the opposing team while avoiding jabs, kicks and other interference that could cost points--or broken bones. Last year they skated for sold-out audiences, and now the ladies of Assassination City have a new home at The Coliseum at Fair Park (1438 Coliseum Dr.). The league's season opener pits the Lone Star Assassins, who won the 2010 championship, against Bombshell Brigade, who were undefeated last year. The Deadly Kennedys will also strap on knee-pads and helmets when they confront Viva La Revolucion! in the rink. The league rolls into Fair Park for their first bouts of the year at 6 p.m. Saturday. Tickets are $18 for VIP floor seats, $15 for stadium seating. For tickets or information about upcoming bouts, visit
Sat., March 26, 6 p.m., 2011


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