Think, Geek, And Buy Local Gamer Collectables

Kiss your Munny dolls and tuck them in early tonight, because Vinyl Thoughts is bringing their popular show back, and it's swelled up even bigger than you remember. In the last installment of this celebration of collectable geekdom, Quixotic World was at capacity within an hour of opening — awe yeah, Dallas. Us dorks roll deep. There are dozens of artists participating in tonight's show/sale labeled “The Next Level,” which DJ Fishr Pryce will keep musically fluid from the turntables. Cosplay gal Taffeta Darling will be dressed for the affair, and you'll see all of the strangely wonderful creations that our local vinyl artists and silk-screeners have concocted for you. T-shirts, toys and goodies galore will all be video-game themed, so buy big and hoard that stuff away — you never know when you'll need a quick gift for your most treasured nerd love. Quixotic World is located at 2824 Main St. in Deep Ellum, and doors are at 7 p.m., but get there early or you'll be posin' till closin' out on the street.
Thu., March 15, 2012


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