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Comic creators and cartoonists are artists, too! Inka Essenhigh's "Getting Comfy," 2002, is part of the proof at the Comic Release exhibit.

Thursday, September 11
Timeless, tried and true.
Things deemed "classic" are generally a sure bet. Think about it. Someone says, "That movie was just so classic." Or, "Now this is a classic spaghetti sauce." The brain just automatically accepts that the item in discussion is complete, mastered, if you will. Tonight, Terilli's in Frisco serves up its share of classic dishes as per usual, but it'll also shine the spotlight on jazz vocalist Kari Gaffney. A top artist on the CMJ Jazz Charts, Gaffney lends her sultry chords to original interpretations of jazz standards. The fare? Classic. The entertainment? Classic. Order up that picatta and set your ears for powerful. Gaffney begins her set at 7 p.m. at Terilli's, 4226 Preston Road, Frisco. Reservations recommended. Call 214-387-4600.

Friday, September 12
Remember when Mom and Dad showed up declaring that they'd sold the house, put the heirlooms in storage and bought an RV? Oh, and could they just "plug in" overnight before they head on over to the Grand Canyon and then to the Largest Ball of Twine? For some, the nightmare has happened. For others, the Southwest RV Supershow can make that dream come true. If cabin fever has struck and the 'rents get wind of this, they'll don the fanny packs and head over to the Dallas Market Hall for sure. Even if they don't run over on Friday it will happen sometime this weekend. Just wait and see. And just a tip: It may be nice for the folks to get a bit of freedom on the open road, maybe even upgrade the Trail Blazer for something with an extendable awning, but it's imperative that they understand that the family name is not Griswold and behavior like that of Uncle Eddy is not to be tolerated. With that said, maybe it would be safer for everyone to head on over to the RV show as a family. Besides, those table-turned-beds are actually very comfy. Trust us. Dallas Market Hall is located at 2100 N. Stemmons Freeway. Tickets range from $4 to $8. Call the Texas Recreational Vehicle Association at 1-800-880-7303.

Saturday, September 13
In days of yore, one could find us in Wonder Woman Underoos, a towel (we mean cape) tied around our tiny neck and vacuum O-rings on each wrist as power bracelets. Knees bent, then-nonexistent butt out and with arms outstretched we'd soar from the edge of our bed for all of about 1.6 seconds. We were so about Linda Carter we even attempted to gain that metal bending power and actually achieved success at warping a wire hanger. Superhero? Don't know about that, but we were definitely super cool. That's right. So what if we were in there alone, jumping off our bed and climbing closet shelves to fight for the freedom of our imaginary friends? The Resource Center of Dallas and the Lakewood Theater host Superheroes GayBINGO Saturday at 5 p.m. You might win a prize for your digs, and it benefits the John Thomas Gay & Lesbian Community Center. Reservations are only 15 bucks and are strongly recommended as seating is limited. And with the amount of probable Spandex, we wouldn't doubt a sell-out. The theater is located at 1825 Abrams Parkway. See to purchase tickets.

Sunday, September 14
With all the conflict out there, it's nice to see a community welcome others to experience its culture. The Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas invites everyone interested to have a little fun the Shalom Funfest way. Sunday brings a day of free entertainment with both modern music (Sara Hickman) and traditional Yiddish tunes (Eli Davidsohn), plus Israeli dancing, cooking demos, rock climbing walls and the requisite children's activity area. The representations of Jewish culture aren't lost on those who don't share the faith since the festival offers information for the inquiring and an intriguing experience for the unfamiliar. The benefit provides more than what could be gained by taking a class or attending a seminar. The federation itself aims for "an environment of spiritual, educational and cultural enrichment." In other words, it's a Sunday well spent. The festivities are free and run from 1 to 5 p.m. at Fairview Farms in Plano as well as Sneaky Pete's on Lake Lewisville. See

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Monday, September 15
Yes, ladies, they're finally legal. Stop waiting with bated breath, the youngest Hanson has reached the ripe old age of 17. Mmm, bop! OK, that's so very wrong we can't even pretend not to know it. But don't take us seriously. After all, no one took Hanson seriously when the three brothers from Oklahoma hit the charts and MTV years ago those deep "lyrics" and that look-how-zany-we-are video. Seems like they might realize that their youth may have done them a disservice (well, it couldn't have possibly been the toddler of a drummer that did them in) because now they've gone acoustic. Taylor will have to ditch the electric keyboard, but he says that the show "is really a thank you to our most devoted fans for their patience." Mmm, 'kay. We apologize for being unaware, but do they really still have devoted fans? Based on the line for the ticket on-sale at CD World, the answer is, oddly enough, yes. Dallas can find out on Monday night (note the prime show slot here) at Trees just how many of those in attendance really are Hanson fans, and not crew or folks like us who want desperately to see if acne struck even the purest of showmen. The trio takes the stage at 8 p.m. under the trees at 2709 Elm St. Call 214-748-5009.

Tuesday, September 16
We've been trying to draw our own comic for years now, and let's just say success is far from around the corner. The detail, the repetition and the styles employed by comic and cartoon artists are things we'll never be able to channel onto that blank sketchpad. The talent of an artist of those particular genres is finely honed and deftly executed in order to reach an audience, so it's surprising that it was just recently that such works began to be seen as "art." So many times, cartoons and the like reach beyond culture and go global. Hence, Comic Release: Negotiating Identity for a New Generation, a traveling exhibit curated by Barbara Bloemink, Vicky A. Clark, Ana Merino and Richard Gribenas. The focus is to feature international artists who use cartoons to tackle serious topics such as race, gender, war and sexual orientation. Part One of the exhibit continues through Friday at the University of Texas Art Gallery, and Part Two begins on September 24. The gallery is open Monday and Tuesday from noon to 8 p.m. and Wednesday through Saturday from noon to 5 p.m. Call 940-565-4316.

Wednesday, September 17
Shutterbugs of Plano have united, ladies and gentlemen. In all honesty, they've been united since 1984 when the Plano Photography Club opened its arms to all interested in the art. But the important thing to know is that the club is having its Photo Showcase 2003 this month at the Plano Municipal Center. Photographers in all classes and experience levels are showing their works and, based on the claims of Jeremy Woodhouse, this year's judge, that his job was difficult because of the quality of the images, it seems like a guarantee that Plano has its share of lens talent. See the burgeoning talent at 1520 K Ave., Plano. For more info on the show or becoming a member of the Plano Photography Club, check out

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