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Markku Peltola is The Man Without a Past...or a towel to dry off with.
Markku Peltola is The Man Without a Past...or a towel to dry off with.

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Thursday, July 24
We actually like it when people from other countries think Texans all ride horses, own ranches and wear cowboy hats. It's more intriguing than saying one lives in an apartment, drives an economy car and wears Gap khakis. But for a real glimpse at a Texas that is exciting and yet not fictional, check out the photography of James Evans. The Marathon, Texas, artist documents the people and landscapes of the Lone Star State in black and white for magazines, books and exhibits, including the just-opened James Evans: People and Places of Big Bend. It runs through September 9 at the Afterimage Gallery from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays. The gallery is in the Quadrangle's suite 141, 2800 Routh St. Call 214-871-9140.

Friday, July 25
We're a geek. We've suspected it before, but now it's really been confirmed. See, our favorite thing about the IMAX film Michael Jordan to the Max isn't getting to watch Jordan jump, throw and hustle during his final championship run with the Chicago Bulls. No, it's the science behind it. To show Jordan's amazing jumps to slam dunk, the film crew built a special rig to photograph him. Technically, it's the "bullet-time, in-the-round" mechanism. In English, 90 still cameras were set up in an arc to catch Jordan's succession in movements. In geek-ish, it's really cool because you see Jordan make a basket in Matrix fight scene-style shots. Michael Jordan to the Max opens Friday at the IMAX Theater at Cinemark 17, 11819 Webb Chapel Road at LBJ Freeway. Call 972-888-2629 for show times.

Saturday, July 26
We wish amnesia was something one could fake. "Uh, yeah, I didn't know I had to work for money and couldn't just take whatever I wanted from stores. I mean, I have amnesia. It's a medical condition." If we lived on a soap opera, it would work. For the title character in Man Without a Past, amnesia isn't freedom but a mystery he must solve. He loses his memory after a near-fatal beating, leaves the hospital on his own and starts over by living with a woman and her kids. After being involved in a bank robbery, the answer is revealed. Man Without a Past is the second in a series of films about Finland by director Aki Kaurismaki, who uses dark humor on this difficult subject. The film, presented in Finnish with English subtitles, is part of Magnolia at the Modern, a film series held at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth in conjunction with Dallas' Magnolia Theatre. Screenings are 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. Fridays and 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. Tickets are $5.50 to $7.50. The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, 3200 Darnell St. Call 817-738-9215 or 1-866-824-5566.

Sunday, July 27
We didn't know Chris Ridgway. Chances are you didn't either. But his family and friends want to make sure that even though he's gone, he's not forgotten. Step one is a memorial service and musical benefit at the Lakewood Bar and Grill, where he used to tend bar and work on behalf of the Lakewood community. Step two is a permanent memorial at the Dallas Museum of Natural History to commemorate not only his life but also his love for fossils, and to showcase his collection. But his friends and family need help, and that's what step one is all about. From 1 p.m. to 10 p.m., solo musicians and bands including Pleasant Grove, Arthur Riddles, Darryl Rush and Mur will be performing. The $6 cover charge benefits the museum exhibition, and other donations will be accepted as well. Lakewood Bar and Grill, 6340 Gaston Ave. Call 214-826-3888.

Monday, July 28
To us, classical Tex-Mex means lumpy refried beans, orange-tinted rice and chili con carne on everything. But that comes from eating at places with flags on the table next to the salt and pepper. Matt Martinez has a different definition for Tex-Mex, which he has used successfully at his restaurants Rancho Martinez and Matt's No Place. No lumps, no grease and a lot of liquor. Sounds good to us. Martinez will present Matt's Culinary Frontier, a culinary talk and cooking class from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Central Market Cooking School, 5700 E. Lovers Lane. Admission is $50. Call 214-361-5754.

Tuesday, July 29
We'll admit it. We're one of those people who, when listening to the radio, tends to stare either at the knobs or the speakers as though it really enhances the experience. Here's a show made for us and our brethren. During the new show by Third Coast Live-Radio Theater, you'll hear highlights from the past 50 years of radio entertainment, plus a few new scripts as well. And they won't even wonder why you're staring at them intently. The company performs hits from humor shows, sci-fi shows, variety shows and more all accompanied by live sound effects. Since it takes place at the Pocket Sandwich Theater, audience members can even arrive early and order dinner or snacks. Close your eyes and pretend you're listening to the radio in a living room worthy of a Normal Rockwell painting. Just be careful when you're using a fork. Sometimes staring is useful, after all. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Pocket Sandwich Theater, 5400 E. Mockingbird Lane. Admission is $10, which benefits United Way. Call 214-821-1860.

Wednesday, July 30
The last time we sat and watched someone draw, it was a caricature artist at an amusement park. He made the girl's nose really, really huge, and she cried and cried and wanted her money back. Did she really think all the people drawn before her just happened to have oversized facial features? But we digress. Here's a live drawing "performance" that's sure to be less traumatic. Chong Keun Chu, a local artist who is represented by Cidnee Patrick Gallery and teaches at Brookhaven College, is completing a month of live drawing at the Studio Gallery, 3900 Elm St. in Deep Ellum, with a session from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The results will be on display through August 15 with the artist returning to the gallery for a closing reception August 1 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The drawings will form a series about how viewers and environment affect the artist and the creative process. Call 214-761-1166.


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