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Tickle Me Impressed

As much nostalgia as Sesame Street personally evokes, I also have a well-founded suspicion that it's simply one of the earliest electronic baby-sitters. I loved Snuffleupagus, the Count and Oscar the Grouch as much as the next bed-wetter, but I sure don't remember my parents watching with me. And as I've plopped nieces and nephews down in front of Maisy, Dora the Explorer and some horrifying show called Oobi, I've thought, "Shouldn't I be participating in their TV watching? Helping shape little minds as I foster their lifelong love of learning?" But then again, if they've finally shut up, why spoil the moment? Maybe this thought is brought to you by the letter C (for cynical) but I'm certain that Sesame Street Live's Elmo Makes Music draws its popularity from parents' love of seeing their children sit still. And even if the thing that's making the brats sit still is a unclassifiable furry red puppet who refers to himself in the third person, they'll gladly pay $16 to $32 for the pleasure. Get tickled by Elmo at Nokia Theatre, 1001 Performance Place in Grand Prairie, Thursday through Sunday. Call 972-854-5111 or visit
Thu., Feb. 22; Fri., Feb. 23; Sat., Feb. 24; Sun., Feb. 25


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