Tiny Techs

Hollywood is coming to the metroplex! And no, it's not Oliver Stone filming an inventive sequel to JFK. This will be much more informative and, without a doubt, fun. This could also be your chance to be the cool parent or favorite teacher you secretly wish to be. The Classics Family Theatre Series is teaming up with Mad Science, a science-as-entertainment outfit, to bring Movie Magic: The Science Behind the Movies to a theater near you. Actually, make that a stage near you. This interactive show follows Professor Pruvitt and Crash, the producers of the next big Hollywood blockbuster. And by interactive, they don't mean lame sing-alongs. Audience members both young and old will be invited onstage to work as sound mixers, gaffers, camera operators and actors. Exploring the latest technology, they will work with green screens and special effects to get that Michael "Armageddon" Bay touch. The final product—an entire production run by kids...of all ages. When the final cut is made, the audience can then watch the premiere of the two-minute film starring all the participants (minus the red carpet and paparazzi). Could any of your kids be the next Spielberg or Scorsese? Find out during Movie Magic: The Science Behind the Movies at the Eisemann Center in Richardson.
Sun., Jan. 22, 2 & 4:30 p.m.

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