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Tra-aaa-aash, Go Pick It Up

Tuesday Night Trash, Texas Theatre’s now monthly-ish offering, has shifted substantially in recent screenings. It’s jumped from presenting the Garbage Pail Kids Movie to a recent special edition of old Transgression cinema guest-curated by Michael Morris to this Tuesday’s screening of Blank Generation, by filmmaker (and guitarist for Blondie, Iggy and Pattie) Ivan Kral. What’ll happen next month? Who knows, but at least it’s staying interesting. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “But why would they select Blank Generation? That movie is painful. I don’t want to watch Richard Hell sit next to a dour-looking model for an hour and a half.” Calm down: You’re thinking of the Voidoids-heavy 1980 Ulli Lommel art film of the same name. This Blank Generation is worth abandoning your couchbed and venturing out on a Tuesday night. What it is: all early concert footage from the bands who poured your musical foundation, like The Talking Heads, the Heartbreakers, New York Dolls, Patti Smith, the Ramones and more. What it isn’t: Trash. Tickets are $3 for normies, free for members. Visit Showtime is 9:15 p.m.
Tue., July 9, 2013


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