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Trans4mative Beauty

Gallery walks are a natural, easy continuation for the Design District’s pedestrians. But over in East Dallas, Gallery Day is more scavenger hunt than stroll — where a scattered, loose chunk of geography is punctuated by the city’s more experimental art spaces. Start your visits early to snag a gift bag; there are 25 at each location, and they’re handed out first-come, first-served. While Barry Whistler, Kirk Hopper, Liliana Bloch, Oliver Francis, The Public Trust, The Reading Room, WAAS, The RGB and 500X are all stops that you should make, my favorite of the day happens over at CentralTrak, where Dallas photographers Daniel Kusner and Brian Amann present 214TRANS4M. It’s a continuation of a series you might have noticed last year at the Kessler, where Dallas’ transgendered dress as iconic figures, then pose in front of architectural points of interest. Jackie Kennedy and Mary Kay have both been given the treatment, and in this upcoming show (an auxiliary extension from ’Trak’s current exhibition, That Mortal Coil), we get an ankh-clutching Erykah Badu, crouched low and looking forward on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. You’ll hit this opening last, from 7 to 10 p.m., closing out East Dallas Gallery Day, which stretches from noon to 8 p.m. Visit
Sat., June 1, 2013


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