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Truckload of Candles

Mark your calendars, because God's birthday is coming up, and it's time for a celebration. No, I'm not talking about Jesus' dad. Rumor has it he's not really the partying type, and who knows when his birthday would be anyway. The birthday boy in question is the one and only Krishna--you know, that handsome, blue, flute-playing warrior prince. The old man would be turning 5,236 years old this weekend, and Kalachandji's Hare Krishna Temple (5430 Gurley Ave.) is pulling out all the stops for their Janmastami (Krishna's birthday) celebration. Celebrated annually by close to a billion people, Janmastami spans all Hindu traditions, in particular the Hare Krishna movement. Technically speaking, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness was founded in 1966 (to put it into perspective, I have a sewing table that's older than that), but with its basis in the third-largest religion in the world, this celebration isn't going to be confined to the evangelistic Hare Krishnas singing on the street corners. Everyone's invited to the free feast and celebration on Sunday at the vegetarian restaurant/temple from 4 p.m. until the wee hours of the morning. Call 214-827-6333 or visit
Sun., Aug. 24, 4 p.m., 2008


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