Tune In

For pity's sake, give your poor, culture-starved kiddos something to listen to besides the Aussie-twanged musical stylings of Anthony, Greg, Murray and Jeff.
Take the first step toward Wiggles deprogramming. Take a break from Raffi's eco-political warbling about saving baby Beluga whales. Do yourself and your kids a favor this Sunday afternoon. Drag their tiny hineys out from in front of the tube and take them to a real concert, with a real orchestra and real, albeit kid-friendly, classical music. The Richardson Community Band promises familiar music that will appeal to adults and children alike in its "Children's Showcase" at 2 p.m. G.W. Jones is conducting a toe-tapping John Philip Sousa march, as well as music from The Lord of the Rings soundtrack. Other highlights include "Yagi Bushi," a Japanese folk song, and the classic "The Syncopated Clock." The crowd-pleaser, though, will probably be the ultimate drum--or drums--solo, as pounded by the band's energetic percussion section. Tickets are $4 to $6. Eisemann Center, 2351 Performance Drive. Call 972-744-4650. --Annabelle Massey Helber

Independents Day
Sound familiar? Scheming, gray-haired, white guys hell-bent on starting a war? At least that big one--America's first--in 1776 is hard to protest. Edith Forbes' classic novel Johnny Tremain looks at the struggle for independence from a young man's perspective. The Dallas Children's Theater production races its hero through a series of dramatic vignettes played out on a multilevel set. Director Robyn Flatt uses space on either side of the audience in the new Paul and Kitty Baker Theater at the Rosewood Center, 5938 Skillman St., to literally bring the action right into the laps of the audience. It opens Sunday and runs through April 13. Call 214-740-0051. --Annabelle Massey Helber

On the Rocks
Disney heroines served chilled, over ice
You have a right to be "on ice" if you are the catch of the day, a Capone-era stool pigeon or a cocktail. Other than that, it's unnatural. In this particular case, step right up to see "Disney on Ice Presents Archetypal Models of Patriarchal Oppression"...oh, we meant to say, "Disney on Ice Presents Princess Classics." This extravaganza offers an intermingled tale of seven Disney "princesses"--Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Mulan and Snow White--in fanciful costumes, skittering about in an 8-ton revolving castle. The thought of an ice-skating mermaid boggles the mind, but maybe the kiddies will enjoy it. For ourselves, we will watch with the dark, secret hope that a princess-on-princess catfight will break out. The show opens Wednesday at American Airlines Center. Tickets are $15 to $50 from Ticketmaster, 214-373-8000. Michelle Martinez

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