Twinkle Toes Tharp

If I was hard-pressed to name a famous ballet star, I'd default to Mikhail Baryshnikov. And though he is probably one of the greatest dancers of the Twentieth Century, I have a hard time seeing him as anything but the total doucher he played on Sex and the City. But while Baryshnikov is now inextricably tied to an evil, evil pop culture phenomenon, one of his cohorts has managed to marry the old-fashioned charms of ballet to modern cultural mores without the backlash. Twyla Tharp, originally a gifted dancer herself, is credited with incorporating avant-garde choreography and modern music from the Beach Boys to Bob Dylan to Billy Joel into the often staid art form of ballet. Hailed as a legendary artistic force, Tharp has collaborated with Baryshnikov extensively, choreographed for Broadway and Hollywood, and written at length about the creative process. As part of the NasherSalon series, Tharp will speak about her experiences and innovations in the art of dance at 8 p.m Thursday.. Tickets to the event at the Nasher Sculpture Center, 2001 Flora St., are $60 for the general public and $45 for Nasher members. Visit
Thu., May 14, 2009

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